WebView - View your medical chart online!

WebView, presented by Practice Partner, is an online program that allows you to view your medical chart online through a safe, secure web portal. You have the option of reviewing individual sections of your chart by category, including prescriptions, lab results, progress notes, and more. WebView also provides messaging services, making it possible to easily contact your physician and request appointments online.

We hope that the WebView service will aid you in your health maintenance and keep you more informed about your own health.

Pricing and Setup

High Ridge Family Practice offers WebView access to all patients for a nominal annual fee of $50.00 per year per person, or a discounted price of $100.00 for your entire family. This fee is a requirement for being a patient at High Ridge Family Practice, unless you have no internet access. We will setup your Webview access during your regular appointment, (or, if preferred, by email) at which time you will be given a username and password. You can find the WebView website by clicking on the banner to the left, or by going directly to https://webview.practicepartner.com/hrfp.

Please note that Webview is completely functional for Windows based computers. Apple products, such as the MacIntosh and the iPad do not allow the messaging of the physicians and staff at High Ridge Family Pactice. However, your records are accessable through the Apple devices.

Directions for Use

WebView is simple and easy to use. Once you have logged in using your provided username and password, the options will be displayed along the left side of the page in a column. Each category can be minimized and unminimized by clicking the name of the category.

Messaging your doctor can be done very similarly to regular email services, by selecting one of the three options under the "Messaging" category. Inbox displays messages that you have recieved; New Message allows you to compose a message to send, and Sent allows you to review messages that you have sent.

Requesting an appointment is done by selecting the "Appointment Request" option under the "Appointments" category. You will be given a form to fill out that includes which provider you are requesting, the date and time requested, and the reason for the visit. Our office staff will call you back to confirm your appointment.Please, do not use this form if you need immediate medical attention.  Instead, call the doctor's office directly.

Reviewing your chart is done by simply selecting any of the various options under "Chart", "Prescriptions", "Lab" or "Notes".

Commonly Used Medical Abbreviations and Terms

We realize that some of the terms used in your medical chart may be unfamiliar to you. For your convenience, we have provided a searchable database of these terms below.

Medical Abbreviations
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