General links. Links to other sites that have valuable health information to be explored at your leisure.
Official patient education website of the American Academy of Family Physicians; articles are reviewed by real family doctors. Features include health and wellness information including disease overviews, symptoms, causes, risk factors, and more. All information is free and without advertisements.

Medical information resource and search engine

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Government site dedicated to health education for people in the U.S.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
A government health information web site providing excellent information on cholesterol, asthma, and obesity, among other health care topics.

Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide
This site is an excellent source and multiple family health issues and as a search guide for additional medical information on the internet. It is maintained by a group of Harvard Medical School Professors on a continuous basis.

National Health Information Center
Source of information on multiple health related issues.

Cancer Information Services
Internet site for information regarding cancer.
Government sponsored, consumer oriented health site.

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