Email consultation.

Email contact with the physicians of High Ridge Family Practice, LLC, is a non-covered service under Medicare and Insurance Company policy. At the present time there will be fixed fees that will be charged for the following medical services. These fees will be directly billed to the patient and are recognized by the patient to be their responsibility for payment. These services are not covered under standard Medicare or Insurance Company Policies. The email boxes of the physicians will be checked at least three times a week. If there is any question or issue that needs more urgent attention, please call the office.


Simple medical problems that might not require an office visit: $30.00

Questions regarding results of tests, procedures, consultations & medical advice: $20.00

Medication refills, medication changes: $10.00

Other minor medical evaluations and communications $10.00

Other moderately complex medical evaluations and communications internet references, searches, etc: $25.00

Contact information.

High Ridge Family Practice
30 Buxton Farms Road
Suite 210
Stamford, CT 06905

Phone: (203) 322-7070
Fax: (203) 322-2389
Pediatric Line: (203) 322-3221
(Dr. Berkun)

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Email addresses.

Alan T. Falkoff

David M. Berkun

Eileen Madsen

Lindsay A. Green

Melisa G. Montaruli

Soohyun Nam

Important notice about email.

E-mail contact with the physicians of High Ridge Family Practice is for NON-URGENT CARE and NOT EMERGENCY CARE. Please contact the office or covering physician immediately if there is a urgent or emergency need for medical care. E-mail will be checked periodically, but it is likely that you will not get a response on the same day. If you do not get a response from your e-mail, please contact the office by telephone.

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